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Cool Cat Corner: Li’l Bro James!

19 Jun

Today’s Cool Cat Corner feature is…


It was about that time… Prom night!

Well… It was actually his girlfriend’s senior prom since he already graduated, but prom night is something you see coming around every year. This was from last month. It’s always nice to see people dressing up and my little bro was looking pretty sharp hehe. This was a rented suit from Men’s Warehouse though so I thought it’d be a fun chance to do a little shoot with him before he had to return it. (He’s always helping me out too. =P)

His lady’s dress was blue so of course you gotta match it up with some blue accents~ MW did a nice job helping him out too.

Go James! =)


Designer Spotlight: Belinda Ang

19 Jun

Belinda Ang Online

I don’t completely recall how I came across this collection one evening last year, to be honest… But I do remember my girly glee upon viewing Belinda Ang’s lovely collection.

The price tag can certainly seem a little steep but it’s completely understandable when you discover her procedure. Ms. Ang’s belief is that “beautiful clothes should fit and complement the unique silhouette of every woman.” And sure enough, it seems that every piece starts from scratch to perfectly fit you. If you are even in her area or visiting (Singapore), she’ll even do private consultations and sample viewing. She has some beautiful dresses and pieces for sale and her site is definitely worth a look! Ms. Ang only has one collection available at this time which is called EARTH ANGEL 2010, but I certainly look forward to admiring more lovely creations from her in the future.

The pictures shown are just a couple of my favorites. Nice elegant inspiration! =)

Belinda Ang Online

All photos from the Belinda Ang website!!

What I Wore: Wintergreen

13 Jun

To kick things off, I’ll start with a WIW! These are some older pictures (obvious by the seasonal differences, heh) of an outfit I had in the winter. I intended to create the blog much sooner… But I had some trouble getting things started. So… better late than never, right?

Scarf: Chinatown
Dress: Forever21
Bag: PG Beauty (YesStyle)
Boots: Dollhouse (Ross)

It was a really snowy winter this past year! And when you are done driving/working in it, and shoveling all of it… it certainly can be quite beautiful out, haha~ It makes for really nice lighting too, heh. Nothing super fancy about this outfit but I really like the hooded dress, partially because I got it for pretty cheap when I purchased it. It wasn’t the most flattering because it ties above the waist so I fixed it a bit with the belt. And I love my green frilly scarf, it’s super comfy. I ❤ green.

It might've been just a bit cold out, hehe.

TK Style?

5 Jun

I’m Tiffany, 23, aspiring to work in television/film production with animation and just doing what I can. I’m not a big trendsetter, fashionista, designer or model, but rather just a girl with an interest in fashion on the side, dressing up when I can and feeling good about it.

I have always wanted to do a little fashion blog, a sort of “What-I-Wore” type of blog to keep track of some outfits I have worn. But things will certainly go beyond that, whether it’s about some interesting finds while checking out some stores, talking of some inspirations from all sorts of sources, or even featuring some friends’ looks when I can. This blog could really become anything… but that will be the basic foundation of it at this time.

I tend to be drawn to:
Green, blue, earthy colors, solids, polka dots, stripes,
ruffles, lace, lolita style, stars, vests

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Welcome to TK Style.