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Designer Spotlight: Belinda Ang

19 Jun

Belinda Ang Online

I don’t completely recall how I came across this collection one evening last year, to be honest… But I do remember my girly glee upon viewing Belinda Ang’s lovely collection.

The price tag can certainly seem a little steep but it’s completely understandable when you discover her procedure. Ms. Ang’s belief is that “beautiful clothes should fit and complement the unique silhouette of every woman.” And sure enough, it seems that every piece starts from scratch to perfectly fit you. If you are even in her area or visiting (Singapore), she’ll even do private consultations and sample viewing. She has some beautiful dresses and pieces for sale and her site is definitely worth a look! Ms. Ang only has one collection available at this time which is called EARTH ANGEL 2010, but I certainly look forward to admiring more lovely creations from her in the future.

The pictures shown are just a couple of my favorites. Nice elegant inspiration! =)

Belinda Ang Online

All photos from the Belinda Ang website!!