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What I Wore: Wintergreen

13 Jun

To kick things off, I’ll start with a WIW! These are some older pictures (obvious by the seasonal differences, heh) of an outfit I had in the winter. I intended to create the blog much sooner… But I had some trouble getting things started. So… better late than never, right?

Scarf: Chinatown
Dress: Forever21
Bag: PG Beauty (YesStyle)
Boots: Dollhouse (Ross)

It was a really snowy winter this past year! And when you are done driving/working in it, and shoveling all of it… it certainly can be quite beautiful out, haha~ It makes for really nice lighting too, heh. Nothing super fancy about this outfit but I really like the hooded dress, partially because I got it for pretty cheap when I purchased it. It wasn’t the most flattering because it ties above the waist so I fixed it a bit with the belt. And I love my green frilly scarf, it’s super comfy. I ❤ green.

It might've been just a bit cold out, hehe.