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TK Style?

5 Jun

I’m Tiffany, 23, aspiring to work in television/film production with animation and just doing what I can. I’m not a big trendsetter, fashionista, designer or model, but rather just a girl with an interest in fashion on the side, dressing up when I can and feeling good about it.

I have always wanted to do a little fashion blog, a sort of “What-I-Wore” type of blog to keep track of some outfits I have worn. But things will certainly go beyond that, whether it’s about some interesting finds while checking out some stores, talking of some inspirations from all sorts of sources, or even featuring some friends’ looks when I can. This blog could really become anything… but that will be the basic foundation of it at this time.

I tend to be drawn to:
Green, blue, earthy colors, solids, polka dots, stripes,
ruffles, lace, lolita style, stars, vests

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Welcome to TK Style.